Musica Maths is a subject for all learners, who love Maths and dislike maths. It helps generate interest in Numbers for the people who do not have an eye for Mathematics. People who love Maths, it trigger fondness to the subjects close to Maths.

Maths has always been the fundamental of all learnings and Music. The relationship between music and math is steeped in history. Connection between Music and Mathematics is nearly two thousand years old, and spans different cultures and civilizations. Studying music as a part of mathematics was once an integral part of mathematics education. Music itself is indeed very mathematical, and mathematics is inherent to many basic ideas in music theory. Musica Maths, tends to increase the interest towards Math and Music, especially for students who find Maths to be difficult as well as Music students.

Music has always been the most sought after performing art across the globe. It is mostly understood as learning instruments such as Piano, Guitar, Violin, or Vocals such as Singing. But very few know its medium of communication, which is Music Theory.

Musica Maths in simple words is the medium of music through Math. Musica Maths is conceptualized for learners of all ages from six to sixties. Musica Maths ignites the love of mathematics and music, which is believed and proved to be the core of all learnings and discoveries. Come fall in love with this new subject, which is Theoretical, Philosophical, Spiritual and Practical. It transforms Ignorance to BLISS.

Learning music has always fascinated people around the world, but how many get to know this as a subject which leads to UG, PG and Ph.D’s ?