To educate all aspirant music and non-music students of all ages, as well as Music Teachers and Schools, towards creating love for the most sought subject, Music, through its Maths. It has been proved for ages in developing the creativity and intellectual aspects of learning.


Simply ambitious to register and tutor a minimum of 1,00,000 students by end of 2019, which is our mission statement in creating a literate music society and paving opportunities to stand first in all life´s achievements.


  • “A surprising proportion of Mathematicians are accomplished Musicians.
    It is because Music and Mathematics share patterns that are beautiful.”
    -Martin Gardner
  • Music and Maths are actually quite similar.
    When children learn Rhythm, they are learning...
    Ratios, Fractions and Proportions”
    -Professor Gordon Shaw
  • “All Musicians are sub-consciously Mathematicians.”
    -Thelonious Monk
  • “If you learn Music, you’ll learn history.
    If you learn Music, you’ll learn Mathematics.
    If you learn Music, you’ll learn most all there is to learn.”
    -Edgar Cayce
  • “There is Geometry in the humming of the strings,
    there is Music in the spacing of the spheres.”
  • “If you learn Piano you are a Pianist, If you learn Guitar you are a Guitarist,
    But if you learn Music you are a Musician.”
    -Venkatesan R Naidu

BENEFITS of musica maths

  • Creating love for Maths and all learnings.

  • The medium of communication for music - The Universal Language.

  • Increases the brain development which is proved through learning music.

  • Musica Maths gives a mathematical and computational approach to music.

  • Understanding all musical instruments in depth.

  • One can stand as a soloist as well as shine like a star in a group.

  • An International outlook for a subject like Music.

  • Builds confidence to be among the community of musicians.

  • Above all, one realises where his/her interest lies for any subject, which needs imagination and creativity.