Music Maths

Music Maths


The course consists of,

50 Levels
5 Bridges

This is equivalent to GRADE 8 and more according to International Standards.

The curriculum of LEVELS helps to understand the mathematical concepts of music, its proficiency skills with the ability to understand simple and complex structures of music, which has always been a myth (viz."Music Theory is difficult")

The BRIDGES explore structured presentation compiling its previous 10 levels to a greater understanding of the present syllabus and a positive outlook for further LEVELS and BRIDGES according to the standards set by Musica Maths.

CONTENTS OF Musica Maths

1. Fundamentals of Music
2. Elements of Music
3. Scales & Modes
4. Chords & Triads
5. Melody Writing
6. Basic Harmony
7. Harmonic Progressions
8. Unessential Notes
9. Ornaments, Terms and Abbreviations
10. Transposing Instruments
11. Modulation − Related and Unrelated Keys
12. Chromatic Chords, Chromatic Harmony
13. Added Chords and its modern practice
14. Sevenths and Secondary Sevenths
15. Instrumentation
16. Orchestration
17. Forms in Music
18. Song Writing − Setting Music to words, Setting Words to Music
19. Score analysis
20. Cultural Music
21. History of Music

The above subjects will transform all musical activities with a few categories to mention such as Performing, Composing, Conducting, Improvising, Arranging, Music teaching, or getting a music degree and more.