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Presenter for First Indian
Certification Program of Music


Musica Maths primarily revolves around music teachers (Presenters) who are the backbone of music education in India. Musica Maths helps presenters to impart quality music education as well as empower them towards a steady financial growth, therefore building a strong music teaching community.

Musica Maths is taught only by trained Presenters with an annual contract and 'Authorization to Teach Certificate'. Unauthorized Presenters / Teachers will be held liable.

What do you get as a Presenter

Musica Maths empowers presenters with a standardised medium of training & content support that propels financial growth.

  • Pride of being part of a brand.
  • Authorization to teach certificate.
  • Constant training and upgradation.
  • Periodical Workshops
  • Online Visibility and Promotion
  • Recognition and Rewards
  • Students' record maintenance for life
  • A close community circle with a social club


  • Exam & Certification Every Month
  • Results Published Online
  • Discussion on Results
  • Students' Quiz and Competitions
  • Students' Recognition and Rewards
  • Free Original Workbook to every Student

Musica Maths creates a bonding between Presenters & Students. Students cannot migrate without the consent and transfer certificate from their respective Presenters, therefore helps students’ retention.

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We have conceived, conceptualized and developed a unique content and curriculum for imparting western Music theory education. If you envision the same, join us today.

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