What is Musica Maths ?

Musica Maths is a subject relating to music for all learners, predominantly for 'Music Student and Music Lovers'. Musica Maths imparts the 'fundamental to complex' concepts of making Music in an interesting and standardized structure and methodology.

Musica Maths enables to 'Read & Write' music, which will help students to explore instrumental or vocal music to greater heights.

Music learning cannot be complete without Musica Maths.

Why Muisca Maths?

Reading a music score, playing your favorite composer's tune, or simply recreating a new melody to an intricate musical structure for an instrument, voice or orchestra you've always dreamed of performing, and if there is a deep and strong will to master music, you'll certainly find a way.

Examination & Certification.
Explore & Enjoy

A beginner, professional singer, aspiring composer or a passionate teacher - no matter who you are in music, we have just the right course structure - spread across 50 levels and 5 Bridges - where each level is taught, examined, monitored and certified on a monthly basis.


The 'Musical' Genius

Under the unique and structured methodology of Ms Ahluayu S V Naiud, you will understand rather than memorize, explore rather than learn, and read rather than listen.

Founder of 3Bs Western Music Academy in 2004, Ms Ahlauyu is a qualified musician with an LTCL (Licentiate of Trinity College of London), who is into music education since 1991 with a vast knowledge and teaching experience in India and abroad for international examination boards.

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