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Course Structure

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MusicaMaths Course

The course consists of:

This is equivalent to GRADE 8 and more according to International Standards...

The curriculum of GRADES understands the mathematical concepts of music, its proficiency skills with the ability to understand simple and complex structures of music, which has always been a myth (viz.' Music Theory is difficult')

The CERTIFICATE program explores structured presentation compiling its previous 10 Grades to a greater understanding of the present syllabus and a positive outlook for further GRADES and CERTIFICATES according to the standards set by Musica Maths.

MusicaMaths Course Contents

Fundamentals of Music

Elements of Music

Time Signature - Basic & Complex

Rhythm Writing

Scales & Modes

Chords & Triads

Melody Writing

Basic Harmony

Cadences in Music

Harmonic Progressions

Essential & Unessential Notes

Sevenths and Secondary Sevenths

Basic Conducting

Song Writing - Setting music to words, Setting words to music

Music Composition

Chromatic Scales & Chords,

Chromatic Harmony

Added Chords and its modern practice




Forms in Music

Score analysis

Ornaments, Terms and Abbreviations

Transposing Instruments

Modulation - Related and Unrelated Keys

Cultural Music

History of Music

Basic Music Technology

The above subjects will transform all musical activities with a few categories to mention such as Performing, Composing, Conducting, Improvising, Arranging, Music teaching, or acquiring a music degree and more.

Training & Examination

The course will be taught by trained, certified and authorised teachers of MusicaMaths.

Untrained & Unauthorised teachers teaching MusicaMaths will be held liable.

The examination will be conducted only for students who register through authorized teachers.

This course and examination are part of an innovative methodology and progressive series of study which includes workbooks & examination papers, intended for students both musical and non – musical of all ages. The series of workbooks provides a solid foundation bridging the Math of Music. Students who diligently complete the workbook are the most benefited in achieving the highest standards of understanding the subject MusicaMaths and therefore scoring higher class with the sense of achievement, both Musically and Academically.


  • Course Imparted

  • Course Content - Lessons & Exercises (Soft Copy)
  • Assignment & Assessment

  • Examination & Certification


  • Previous Grades Review

  • Examination & Certification


MusicaMaths Certificates will reflect Class Only.

MusicaMaths Grades and Certificates are designed with constant and continuous connect with subjects, which are interlinked and upgraded as Grades after Grades leading to Certificates (Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced)

Therefore, students will not be encouraged to skip any Grades and Certificates WHATSOEVER.

Unsuccessful Candidates should repeat the Grades or Certificates to qualify for further Grades & Certificates.

MusicaMaths Grades & Certificates along with the student credentials will also reflect the teacher name, as every registration is registered only through the teacher.


A Brain development program proved by all statistics.

Creating love for Maths and all Learnings.

Easy to learn concepts with simple workbooks.

Enhances aptitude for students and professionals.

A system driven program, with certification on completion of each Grade

 A sustainable approach to their fond subject Music, an universal language.

Understanding all musical instruments in depth.

Online presence on completion of each Grade.

Recognition and Rewards for promising students.

Economical and affordable student fee for students of all walks of life.

Student unique number for a lifelong relationship with Musica Maths.

Above all, one realises where his/her interest lies for any subject, which means imagination and creativity.


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