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What is MusicaMaths?

MusicaMaths is a subject relating to music for all learners, predominantly for 'Music Student and Music Lovers'. MusicaMaths imparts the 'fundamental to complex' concepts of making music in an interesting and standardized structure and methodology.

MusicaMaths enables to 'Read & Write' music, in its simpler form to start for beginners and evolves to a complex and grander structure of making music.

MusicaMaths is a Subject that relates to all musical instruments for a performer or a composer, which will help students to explore instrumental or vocal music to greater heights.

MusicaMaths is a tool to understand music better in the simplest structure for beginners. This subject is being loved by all ages from children to adults.

Music learning cannot be complete without MusicaMaths.

Why MuiscaMaths?

Every person aspires to perform a Music instrument, compose music, Play or Sing a favourite tune, conduct a chamber or Large orchestra or Record and Publish one’s Composition.

But how many of us know where to start?

Western music is conceived with great standardization and methodology and MusicaMaths will help students and aspirants to fulfil their goals when it comes to music.

In simple words, MusicaMaths is the only tool to learn and understand music better. It helps students to achieve a sense of achievement towards their favourite subject ‘MUSIC’ which in turn builds self-esteem and confidence in other walks of life. 

MusicaMaths has evolved as a lifestyle study along with other classical arts.

Examination & Certification.

MusicaMaths is a one-stop centre for study, books, course material, examination & certification.


The complete program is spread across 30 Grades & 3 Certificates, suitable for beginners, amateurs, professions, performers composer and music makers.

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I am really happy that I started learning music theory through "Musica Maths". The Levels are structured so well and make the learning process easier. It helps me to read music sheets and understand music better. I believe a strong music theory base should help someone to progress faster while learning to play an instrument. I strongly recommend it!

Dr Buddhan Rajarathinam
Consultant Critical Care Medicine - Fortis Malar Hospital, Adyar, Chennai

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