Musica Maths Examination

MusicaMaths is taught only by Presenters / Teachers, who are certified and authorized by ´MusicaMaths Pvt. Ltd’.

Training, Examination & Certification is available throughout India and overseas, enabling students to gain an insight of an internationally acclaimed subject.

Levels and Bridges are designed with constant and continuous connect with subjects, which are interlinked and upgraded levels after levels leading to Bridges. Therefore, students will not be encouraged to skip any Levels and Bridges whatsoever.

Certificates will reflect the Grades. (Pass, Merit & Distinction)


Training : Minimum 1 Month Per Level
1 1/2 hours (100 marks paper)


Orientation: 2 hours
Examination: 2 and 1/2 hours
(200 marks -  Answer Paper 150 marks, Project Presentation 40 marks, Internal 10 marks)


Exam Schedule: Every 4th Sat of the Month, 3pm
Will be published online on 5th of the month.
Certification: Will be issued in 10 working days

Level & Bridges

Grade Structure

Fee Details