Musica Maths

I am a Program Manager at a software firm who has always been passionate about musical instruments. Piano always being my dream, I have been trying to develop my skill at playing it from the time I was a child. Now being part of Musica Maths is not only helping me learn to play but is also helping me understand the theory and concept behind music. With easy learning techniques this subject is fun. The subject broken down well into levels and bridges, makes it easy to complete and therefore is very encouraging. Ahlauyu, a great teacher who not just teaches music but also relates it to life. - Nisha A. Sangamithra

Musica Maths

At 34 years, being a working professional, learning something new is always exciting. I always wanted to learn how to read music and play the piano. After enquiring a few other institutes, I choose 3Bs because of the credentials of Ms. Ahlauyu and the interesting course that they were launching 'Musica Maths'. My initial thoughts were,"hmm connecting basic Maths with Music, sounds interesting....' and I enrolled. The first level was such a fun learning experience that made the basic concepts of reading and understanding the language of Western Music etched in my mind forever. It's as easy as never forgetting 2+2=4, similarly I will never forget that 2 crochets and 1 minim is equal to 1 semi breve note. That might sound like french to you, but not if you are a MusicaMathematician. The method of imparting the knowledge of music by Ahlauyu Ma'm is very effective, she treats every student as unique and talks in the language and pace in which the student grabs the concept strongly. Regular exercises and tests are a great way of strengthening the learning. - Gejo Varghese

I, Nethra studying in Chettinad Vidyashram has been a student of 3B's Wester Music Acadmy for around a year. I initially pursued learning Guitar as a hobby. My instructor's clarity, knowledge of music helped in expanding my thought process. It gave different perspectives to "Success" & motivated me to join Musica Maths. I think it is the best decision made thus far. My aim is to complete all 5 bridges to increase my knowledge in music. - Nethra

Music Maths

Musica Maths helps me to understand and visualize music in a big picture. In other words it helps me connect the dots to better my instrumental learning.

Music learning and appreciation has never been so interesting before Musica Maths. Looking forward to complete all 50 levels.

And Yes, happily received the Level 1 Certificate with Distinction. Appreciating myself for the good start.

Harish Ganapathi T K G - Software Engineer – TrulyWP