Musica Maths

Musica Maths : A sister company of '3Bs Music Pvt Ltd'

3Bs Music, a 15 years old organization since 2004, was established by Ahlauyu S V Naiud with a vision to build a structured and system driven Western Music Academy in India, at par with the International Standards into teaching:


Theory of music

Ahlauyu S V Naiud a qualified musician with an LTCL (Licentiate of Trinity College of Music London) and with an experience of heading a Music Academy in Singapore in the year 2002, gained her confidence to establish the 3Bs Music... http://www.3bsmusic.com

Her reputation and outreach model of 3Bs Music, invited her to head and Represent University of West London - London College of Music Examinations for Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry since 2010, presenting close to 1500 candidates' each year for International Examination and Certification across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. 

Though 3Bs Music´s core study of Western Music is both Practical and Theory, students lack interest and concentration in the subject 'Theory of Music' which is the foundation of all instrumental studies. This is because; the theory was seen as a separate subject and not an integral part of the instrumental learning.

After an extensive research and study, MusicaMaths is established as a subject along with, or before any music instrumental learning.

MusicaMaths, so designed with all the experience since 3Bs Music establishment, will now be considered a subject like any other, for both Music & Non Music Students, a unique concept, never before in India.


The concept, content, curriculum, into an examination board, with an innovative and progressive series of workbooks and examination every month, makes MusicaMaths the most sought subject.