Musica Maths is a mesmerizing subject that has made learning music theory a beautiful art. This is the only subject that can help to apply our knowledge practically. I have now developed more interest towards music and its system. My parents can witness a sense of confidence that I have developed over a year as Musica Maths student.

Ms. Adline Sneha ACollege Student

I am really happy that I started learning music theory through "Musica Maths". The Levels are structured so well and makes the learning process easier. It helps me to read music sheets and understand music better. I believe strong music theory base should help someone to progress faster while learning to play an instrument. I strongly recommend it!

Dr. Buddhan Rajarathinam
Consultant Critical Care Medicine - Fortis Malar Hospital, Adyar, Chennai

Initially I started off by learning the guitar. For me, the guitar was not just a hobby but another form of yoga that helps me calm down. With the help of a better understanding of music I gained from Musica Maths, it changed the way I saw and felt music. It improved my confidence and helped control my emotions and channelize them through music. The more I learn, the more I get to understand that music is more than just tunes and notes. It was about harmonizing and communicating in a totally different language. Yes, Music is my language and it defines me. With the guidance of my wonderful mentor, I learned to feel the enjoyment and merry in music. This helped me a lot in my academics and now could focus even better. At Level 12, I really look forward to completing all the 50 Levels and 5 Bridges.

Nethra Aparna Class 10 - Chettinad Vidyashram

It was my childhood dream to play Piano and I envisaged myself playing one and I couldn't do that for years till I became 53!!!

As I enquired after a research to study piano, a polite administrative requested to enquire in person to know more. And my first visit (and in fact every visit) is memorable and pleasing.

Only personal enquiry opened up more than what I expected into the world of Western Music. When I flooded my teacher with questions like "whether it would be difficult to play with both hands" ..... "how difficult is it to learn Western theory?".... "Is it ok for me to learn Piano or Classical Guitar?"... .....she understood my childlike excitement and told me softly and strongly, "First go through Musica Maths classes for few months which will help you decide what instrument one has to choose".

The pleasant approach of my teacher from the first day made me a sincere student now at Level 9, along with my Piano lessons. This subject will lay a solid foundation for any instrumental study. Being a student I also realised any subject should be teaching 'the way of life', and with Musica Maths, learning has transformed a passion for life.

The work books of Musica Maths can be easily understood by a child and elderly one alike. Today by going through the lessons of Musica Maths, it has not only made me Musically literate but I have started feeling fresh as if I am born again.

My analytical skills have improved and I am able to think much quicker and have a perfectly happy week after every weekend classes. I am amazed that I can play the Piano using both my hands.... I understand that using both hands virtually helps one in the old age so that we can free of Dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinsonism etc., If you want to be in Heaven for at least an hour a week, I strongly suggest you should swim in the Nectar of Music.

Mr. Sai Balaji HBranch Head - Private Firm

One Fantastic Subject, which is making my brain more active. Took this course with a doubt "whether it will work for me or not". However, my doubts are shattered in the first level. It is designed perfectly to make my brain conceive the subject and its concepts with unique exercises. Now I have completed Level 2, feeling more confident that I can go far to complete all 50 Levels and be perfect in the art of music.

Mohan Prabu J IT Cyber Security

I am a Program Manager at a software firm. Always being passionate about musical instruments and playing the Piano, knowing to read music was the key. Being at Level 13 with Musica Maths has made this easy. The subject drives every content with a progressive formula. Being someone who likes to understand the structure rather than just the theory, and being associated with this subject is a blessing. With all the levels, this course compliments in my practical lessons on Piano. This is the best subject to learn professional music with a great guide.

Nisha A Sangamithra Program Manager

To my surprise, now I can name 30 plus musical instruments of the orchestral family ! Being a music student for over 7 years, I've always had troubles in learning the technical and theoretical aspect of music. You may be efficient and well-versed with the practical knowledge of your instrument, but theory helps you to understand a world beyond the strings. I've been learning Musica Maths course for 10 months now and I'm constantly motivated to continue my journey. It is a course well designed and structured for the future of good musicians. Aspiring to complete all 50 levels.

Shruthi Nagarajan College Student

It's my privilege to be a Musica Maths teacher, as the subject and the lessons has been a great blessing to all my students who enjoy learning it wholeheartedly for the content of the lessons are more interestingly compiled to cater for the needs of all types of students. I have found a truth after evaluating the progress of my students that all my students who study Musica Maths are gripped by the concepts of theory they learn. It's surprising to witness students' help their co students below their levels, which creates a bond among them. I have been experiencing all these things for the past seven months. I feel very happy for sharing my experience.

Mr. Joshua P Founder - Divinity Music Academy

Musica Maths is a great platform to learn the Music theory. I am so glad to be a part of this teaching community. It's really great the way the syllabus is made. It is very easy for the students to learn the music even without any music background. As a presenter I'm much happy to teach the levels to my students. Constructive exercises and monthly exams make the students feel achieved month on month. Many think, learning the theory of music will not be interesting than that of practical, but here I am to witness that learning theory is so interesting and increasing my thinking ability. Musica Maths helps me to read and visualize the music concepts which in turn make my practical performance more sensible. I am sure i am going to travel with Musica Maths for my life. My heartful wishes to the entire team of Musica Maths.

Mr. Justin Samson J Software Engineer

Music is a form of art; an expression of emotions through harmonic frequencies. It is an arrangement of sounds in patterns to be sung or played on instruments. Maths is the study of numbers, shapes, and space using a special system of symbols and rules for organizing them. Musica Maths is a combination of above Music and Maths. My favourite subject is Maths and my favourite time is Music. Musica Maths satisfies both my needs and that's the reason why I have become a part of Musica Maths. I find it very interesting to learn Musica Maths as it develops logical thinking combined with Music . It is actually a Mind Relaxation Subject for all age group. Being a Musica Maths Teacher, I take great pride to learn from the great masters, which helps me to teach my students as well. Students interest in this subject will make me a life time student as well. Musica Maths also acts as a tool for our character study and judges various abilities of my students. I am happy to be a part of Musica Maths

Ms. Shanthi B Educator - Origin Play school & Kids Club

Before I express about the subject, one core principal of the organization will impress all teachers. Guess what, Musica Maths grantees my student for life. Students cannot migrate without the consent of the teacher, which will help teachers to retain their students for life. Monthly exam and results published online adds an excitement to both teachers and students. Musica Maths is a subject that gives vibrant colors in the minds of the students who learn it. This subject makes music theory a lot more interesting than before. My firm belief is that, this is going to be the future of music education, as I witness a drastic increase in my students' strength at my music school.

Mr. Arul Ruben S Founder - Musy Music Academy